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Trauma does not discriminate. It unravels our lives quickly and without pause. Oftentimes, in the moment, you are helpless.


Part of the healing process is find all the pieces lost during the event and piecing them back together with skill that helps you become stronger.

Part of the healing process is understanding the traumatic event you were part of and how it has affected your life.


Through mindful therapeutic solutions, our L. Robinson will help you honestly identify the impact and work towards recovering at your own pace.

Start healing with honest self-realization

Supporting survivors from all walks of life

- Injury

- Disasters

- Accidents

- Physical abuse

- Sexual abuse

- Emotional abuse

- Domestic violence

- Identity crisis

- Self-esteem issues

Let our therapist help you overcome:

When you are a victim of a traumatic event, recovery can be a long road that is unpredictable and scary. At Individual Marriage & Family Counseling, our therapist works to restore your peace of mind through highly-focused treatment options.

Treatment that focuses on the problem

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