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Get healthy again with therapy that gets down to the root of the problem that your family is facing. Through specialized therapy your family can start to thrive again.


Even you as a family, can feel the after effects of a divorce, and finding solutions to work together is still important.

Divorce is difficult for every member of the family. It is a process that is stressful, anxiety ridden and often times results in depression for family members.


At Individual Marriage & Family Counseling, our office provides a warm, inviting and neutral space where you can speak openly.

Step into a space where your voice will be heard

Start healing your family unit today

- Coping strategies

- Depression

- Anxiety

- Stress

- Anger

- Childhood stress

- Behavioral issues

- Divorce transitions

Our therapy can help you focus on your family:

At Individual Marriage & Family Counseling, our therapist focuses on providing individual attention to each member of the family dealing with divorce. Our office provides individual, family, couples and group therapy.

Heal with techniques designed for the whole family

Find the bond again with proven therapeutic techniques.


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